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On Death and Dying was written over 50 years ago by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.
Yet today, we still use the 5 Stages of Grief when dealing with loss. Read all
five articles on the stages of grief. This “5 Stages of Grief free PDF” downloadable pdf gives the links for each blog post in the series.

The Grieving Framework

People have used this framework not just to grieve someone who has passed away. The framework seems to be applicable in many different situations. So, for example, when you Google 5 stages, your first result will probably come up with the work by Elisabeth Kubler Ross that we have based our articles on depending on your search history. But it also brings up the stages of grief as a pattern for breakups and divorce.

The stages for breakup and divorce mirror those for grieving, and why not.
You are grieving the loss of a relationship. So it’s not surprising you would
go through some or all of these stages. The loss of a partner can be just as
hard on someone as a death.

This grieving process can also kick in whenever there are overwhelming circumstances that you feel like you have no control over. When you’re dealing with something that is downright awful, grief is going to kick in. Knowing the five stages can help you have patience with yourself as you traverse the landmines and seek to understand what is going on.

However, if you think your grieving is going on too long or feel like your emotions are only increasing in severity, it’s probably a good time to talk to a counselor. This is tough stuff, so getting help can be a good idea.

You may also find that you travel in and out through the various stages of grief, finishing one, only to revisit it later. That is frustrating, but it is part of the journey. If you would like refresher on the Five Stages of Grief, here we go:

  1. Stage One: Denial
  2. Stage Two: Anger
  3. Stage Three: Bargaining
  4. Stage Four: Depression
  5. Stage Five: Acceptance

Download the 5 Stages of Grief Free PDF

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