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About Us ~ Bluebird Health


Bluebird Health offers home health care based upon the philosophy of joy through service. Our name reflects that commitment to service to our fellow Idahoans and relays our healthcare philosophy.

Additionally, like the state bird of Idaho, the bluebird reflects our roots and deep commitment to the state’s great people. The bluebird also demonstrates our commitment to bring joy into the lives of those we serve.

Often symbols of peace and transformation, birds are considered by many cultures to serve as the connection between heaven and earth. Bluebirds often represent happiness and joy. The marriage of this symbolism truly captures our goal to provide joy through service

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Joy through service

The main thing to know about Bluebird Health is that it’s fully equipped to deliver high-quality care that’s right for each patient. Services include home health care, hospice, Advanced Illness Management (AIM), infusion therapy, respiratory care and home medical equipment, pediatric home health support, and numerous other programs adapted to each person’s needs.


What’s different about Bluebird Health?

Bluebird is raising the bar in home health care and hospice.

Our top goal is to provide the best level of service possible, so we carefully consider the caregiver hiring process. Individuals must pass stringent background checks and meet high standards. Additionally, they must possess a giving heart and be able to adapt to a wide variety of situations. We perform follow-up calls to ensure compliance and compatibility with the individual and their needs. 

In May 2021, Progressive Nursing Home Health Care joined the Bluebird Health team. Since 1990, Progressive Nursing has been a part of Idaho’s Treasure Valley, offering nursing services for every situation that a caregiver is needed.

Together we are providing home health care for almost any situation. Adults with acute illness and long-term chronic conditions will find a solution for every need. Joining forces to provide joy through service in our three key areas:

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