Are You Losing Your Grip? Make Grab Bars Sticky Again!


Do You Sometimes Feel Like You Are Losing Your Grip?

The Problem: Falling Grab Bars

These stabilizers are great, but sometimes the kind you buy at local hardware or do-it-yourself stores can lose their grip. Of course, I’m referring to the safety grab bars you purchase that suction to tile walls in the shower, like the ones shown in the picture. These suction grab bars are great, but we started hearing something going bump in the night, and it wasn’t a break-in or a paranormal visitor. We quickly realized it was the grab bars losing their grip and dropping like leaves onto the floor of the tub.

Barely hanging on?

The Solution: Rough Them Up!

My husband is a bit of a genius (I think) and came up with a solution. He used sensitive toothpaste (so it has some texture in it) to scrub the surfaces of both the suction cups and the tile where the cups attach. This was just enough scouring to super clean the surfaces making them willing to grab again. As a result, the grab bars are like new and ready for his unsteady MS wife to hold onto whenever necessary. What a great idea!  So if you’re losing your grip, give it a try.  You don’t have anything to lose.

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