5 Stages of Grief: Free PDF

On Death and Dying was written over 50 years ago by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.Yet today, we still use the 5 Stages of Grief when dealing with loss. Read allfive articles on the stages of grief. This “5 Stages of Grief free PDF” downloadable pdf gives the links for each blog post in the series. The Grieving … Read more

IMST Training: A 5 Minute Workout to Lower Blood Pressure

Why IMST? IMST (or High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training) is a time-efficient practice that the American Heart Association has proved to play a significant role in helping seniors fend off cardiovascular and lung diseases. As you probably know, these two diseases are the country’s leading killers. Since 65% of American adults over age 50 have … Read more

Home Health Care: 5 Benefits You Should Know


Older adults recovering from recent injuries or living with chronic or acute health conditions or illnesses can utilize home health care services to stay where they want to– at home! There are two types of Home Healthcare. Both types can be essential in your wellness journey and in maintaining independence. You may also need them at … Read more

7 Health Habits that Can Lead to a Longer Life

5. Drink Less Alcohol Drinking less or even no alcohol has a laundry list of beneficial side effects, including but not limited to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, and lower overall blood sugar. Studies show that reducing alcohol consumption can decrease one’s risk of developing at least seven types of cancer. Reducing alcohol also … Read more

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