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Simple Ways to Manage Pain When You have Chronic Illness


After diagnosis with a chronic illness, it can sometimes be a struggle to continue to perform daily tasks. From the pain that accompanies the disease to the potential range of emotions after diagnosis, it can be challenging to participate in and conduct normal daily activities, work, play and spend time with loved ones and those … Read more

Are You At Risk For A Painful Fall? Find Out!

The first day of fall is also the beginning of Fall Prevention Awareness Week. This national health campaign is observed on the first fall day to increase awareness about falls and injury prevention. Find out about the dangers and your risk in this article.

IMST Training: A 5 Minute Workout to Lower Blood Pressure

Why IMST? IMST (or High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training) is a time-efficient practice that the American Heart Association has proved to play a significant role in helping seniors fend off cardiovascular and lung diseases. As you probably know, these two diseases are the country’s leading killers. Since 65% of American adults over age 50 have … Read more

Home Health Care: 5 Benefits You Should Know


Older adults recovering from recent injuries or living with chronic or acute health conditions or illnesses can utilize home health care services to stay where they want to– at home! There are two types of Home Healthcare. Both types can be essential in your wellness journey and in maintaining independence. You may also need them at … Read more

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