Evaluate Your Life Day


Today is National Evaluate Your Life Day. That means it’s time to take stock of how things went last year. How you did in your journey on this planet, and how you can do better next year. Some people do this at New Year’s. However, this is probably a better time to do it. The holidays are exhausting and when the New Year rolls around the last thing I want to worry about is evaluating my year. Maybe I’m getting old.

This holiday is celebrated on October 19th of each year. The holiday is all about self-assessment and self-evaluation. No judgement from others–just taking a look at yourself. Remember this isn’t ‘National Judge Other People Day.’ This is all You!

How to Celebrate Evaluate Your Life Day

  • Slow down a minute and take some time to think about how your year has gone. We have still been in the Pandemic, so this has been a rough one for everyone. This isn’t a year to be too tough on yourself. We only got the vaccine in May (for me).
  • Look at the goals you have achieved, the things you have accomplished this year. Make a list. Also make a list of what you still hope to achieve.
  • What choices can you make on a daily basis that will make your life better? Remember it’s the really small things that add up to big things in the future. One hour of practice on the sax today, and each day, can lead to a career in the future.
  • Pat yourself on the back for what you’ve done! As stated above, this year was rough for everyone. If we accomplished anything, we get a pat on the back!

We have created a four page downloadable pdf to help you Evaluate Your Life!


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