Home Health Care: 5 Benefits You Should Know


Older adults recovering from recent injuries or living with chronic or acute health conditions or illnesses can utilize home health care services to stay where they want to– at home! There are two types of Home Healthcare. Both types can be essential in your wellness journey and in maintaining independence. You may also need them at different times in your life.

Two Main Categories of Home Health Care:

  • Home Care is when you receive help with the day-to-day living. This might include meal preparation, light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, etc.
  • Home Health includes skilled nursing, occupational and physical therapy, infusions, social workers, etc.


There are several significant and time-tested benefits of using home health care services, including:

1. Home Health Care Provides Convenience, Comfort- and Most of All- Safety

Multiple studies have shown that older adults recover faster and with significantly fewer complications at home than inside a hospital. With home care services from Bluebird, patients can have daily quality assistance with managing medications, taking care of the household, and more. For example, medication management services for patients can prevent harmful drug interactions, seriously decreasing the risk of hospital visits. Additionally, a home health occupational therapist can assist the patient or their family create a secure environment to reduce the risk of patient falls. The other important aspect of home health care is its providence of comfort. Being at home allows patients to adhere to new routines and treatments in familiar surroundings and maintain normalcy in their lives.

Bluebird Health provides both home care for day-to-day help and Home Health Services for people who need medical services at home.

2. Provides Patients More Independence

Patient independence is a significant contributing factor to patient satisfaction and overall quality of life. Consequently, senior patients sometimes have trouble admitting that they’re struggling with daily tasks. They don’t want to lose their independence by being transferred to a care center or assisted living facility. That’s why one primary benefit of home health care is that it helps patients continue tasks of daily living. By using these services, patients can live independently at home for as long as possible.

3. Bluebird Home Health Care Can Help Prevent Hospital Trips

Patients with chronic illnesses can avert unnecessary hospital trips by managing their conditions at home with the help of home health services. Having regular condition monitoring and illness education at home can prevent hospital trips. Because patients have access to home health professionals (with 24/7 contact) if they’re experiencing symptoms, they can get questions answered at home without making a trip to the hospital.

4. Provides Caregiver Relief

The benefits of home health care aren’t just limited to the patient–it can lift a tremendous burden from family caregivers, as well. For example, professional home health aides can help with dressing, bathing, and other daily tasks. This relieves the burden on family caregivers and allows them to free up time to help the patient another way or have more independence with their time. When caring for someone, sometimes you can’t even make it to the store!

The patient’s home health care team can also teach family members about how to provide quality follow-up care and give them access to helpful resources. This type of critical support decreases the chance of caregiver burnout and assures caregiver peace of mind.

5. Bluebird Home Health Care Teams Are Professionals

An essential aspect of Bluebird home health care is that it is firmly grounded in standards of care and evidence-based practices to ensure patients and their families receive critical care at the optimal time inside the home. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers and aides, and speech therapists make up a patient’s home health care team, and all individuals operate with oversight by a physician.

Cost of Home Health Care

Some people worry about the cost. Medicare and insurance often pay for home health visits depending on the person’s condition and what the doctor orders. In some circumstances, Medicare can cover up to 35 hours per week. Learn more about Bluebird Home Health Services.

Anxious to see what benefits home health care can offer you and your family?Contact Bluebird Health.

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