Bluebird Hospice Chaplains Honored for Spiritual Care Week


Spiritual Care Week runs from October 25th to October 31st this year. It is a week to celebrate and honor the pastoral support role that Chaplains and spiritual care counselors have in our lives.  

The first Spiritual Care Week began in 1985, hosted by the Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings. It has grown to be celebrated both nationally and internationally. The term “Ministry in Specialized Settings” encompasses the many places that have have a spiritual counselor as part of the staff. When you start thinking about it, this is a lot of places.

Hospice Chaplains

Bluebird Health has Hospice Chaplains to assist families as they traverse the end-of-life period. When someone in your family is dealing with a severe diagnosis or is in the hospice program, it’s a physical event and a spiritual event. Hospice Chaplains are there to provide some comfort to those involved.

Thank you hospice chaplains. We Recognize your contributions and Honor our Chaplains during Spiritual Care Week.
Hospice Chaplains play a vital role in the Hospice program.

A hospice chaplain can also help families communicate with one another.  Sometimes people don’t know what to say to someone that is dying or really sick.  The best place to start, according to most, is: “I love you.” If you have had disagreements, there is always, “I am sorry for what has gone wrong between us.” You can also try, “Please forgive me for my part in any hurt between us.”

After someone has died, chaplains can provide ministry, support, and comfort for families during bereavement. In addition, they, along with Bluebird Social Workers, will help point families in the direction of what happens next.

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Shannon L. Alder
Hospice Chaplains provide support
Hospice Chaplains provide necessary emotional and spiritual support.

For more details about Spiritual Care Week, check out If you would like more information about the Bluebird Hospice program, including some of the unique programs we offer, check our Hospice page or contact us. We are happy to talk with you at any time.

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