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This free downloadable pdf links to all five articles on the stages of grief. Each goes in depth to what you might be experiencing and what to expect to come out the other side. Learn more

Fall-proof your house using this checklist and read the article on 7 Simple Fall Prevention Strategies to Maintain Your Independence. Then go room-by-room to get rid of danger points.

This healthy habits checklist helps reinforce the habits shown in research to be most beneficial. In fact, people who followed all seven health habits lived 11.5 years longer than those who didn’t. Get your copy of the pdf and read about the study!

Take a minute to take stock of your life. Not just on Evaluate you Life Day, but New Year’s, or any time you like. We’ve provided a 4 pg. pdf to get you going. Download it and reflect on where you’re going and where you’ve been.

As a caregiver, you know how stressful the job is. You worry about everything. If you don’t want to get burned out, at some point you will need a break. Read the article and download the pdf to help communicate with respite care.

The free PDF download “Travel Checklist” will get you started on your trip traveling with your senior. The list is intended to be items for your loved one that you don’t normally think of. Read more in 5 Tips: What You Need to Know About Traveling with Seniors to make you next trip better!

Read about all the latest changes in Medicare for 2022 and learn about your hospice benefits in the article: The Bottom Line on Medicare Hospice Benefits 2022. If you would like this handy infographic download a high quality print pdf. And call Bluebird Health for all of your questions on Hospice Services.

Have a little fun on Jan. 11th for Learn to Write Your Name in Morse Code Day with this Morse

This 9-page self-care workbook is designed to help you understand self-care better, find out which areas you might be lacking, and to help you develop a plan to improve those areas. It uses a quiz to help determine where you are, goal setting for mind and body, 30 days of ideas, and finally a daily planner. Read the article the Nurse’s Guide to Self-Care: 10 Tips and Free Workbook

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